Lending Deposit: Innovative new crowdlending platform launched

Lending Deposit gives investors and savers a very safe, hassle-free way of benefiting from the emerging trend of investing in marketplace lending (or peer-to-peer / crowdlending) assets.

This new marketplace lending platform, launched on April 10th by Lending Services & Investments, has two main advantages compared to most traditional crowdlending platforms:

  1. 1. Instead of having to buy loans from various borrowers, potentially on several platforms to spread default risk, Lending Deposit gives access to financing companies that have already invested in a diversified portfolio of lending assets
  2. 2. The financing companies on Lending Deposit’s platform safeguard their lenders through their own equity, thus providing a “buffer” against potential losses from the underlying assets.
  3. 3. The loans on Lending Deposit are structured similar to time deposits with maturities ranging from only 3 months to 5 years, thus giving the lenders a high flexibility to structure the desired income stream along their own requirements.

More information can be found on www.LendingDeposit.com.


We are hiring interns and trainees

We are hiring interns and trainees for our Barcelona office.  Internships are for 3-6 months and are staffed on a rotating basis.


  1. Excellent language skills in at least 2 of the following 3 languages: English, Spanish, German
  2. At least 2 completed years of university education. A completed degree is of advantage
  3. Strong analytic skills and mathematical literacy
  4. Very strong computer and Internet skills; experience with blogging, social networks etc.
  5. Interest in working for a fast growing start-up company

Your tasks as an intern or trainee

  • Help us build and maintain the world’s largest and most informative public peer-to-peer lending database
  • Administrative support in marketplace lending operations
  • Translation and blogging tasks in maintaining several websites, blogs and social media accounts
  • Support in client and investor communication
  • General office administration and personal assistant tasks

What we offer

  • The full start-up experience of working in a fast growing company, based in one of the most exciting emerging Web-enabled industries: Crowdfunding
  • Great learning opportunity in a small but high performing team
  • A wide variation of tasks during the course of the internship
  • A limited cash remuneration based on experience and performance
  • Excellent penthouse office location, right next to FGC station Muntaner with unrivaled views of Barcelona and the sea

How to apply

Please get in touch via our Contact form briefly describing your interest.  We will then ask you to send us a complete CV with references.


Alternative finance gap widens between UK and Europe

The alternative finance market in Europe has more than doubled in 2014 to € 3 billion in volume, reports the University of Cambridge today.

What is striking, however, is the fact that the already very significant gap between the UK and continental Europe has further widened: While growth rates in 2013 were approximately the same on both sides of the channel, 2014 saw a decrease in growth in the Euro-area and an acceleration in the UK.  As a result, the UK market is nearly 4 times bigger than that of all of the rest of Europe combined.

It is not for a lack of entrepreneurial spirit and energy: The report includes for continental Europe nearly 3 times more platforms than for the UK.  However, the largely unfavorable regulatory environment in most European countries, as well as less experimental financial sector clients, both on the borrower, as well as lender side, seem to take their toll.

Neverthless, with growth rates of above 100% in France, Germany and Spain, for example, the overall trend is clear and very promising for the industry, from peer-to-peer lending, to equity and rewards-based crowdfunding.



90% of crowdfunding is P2P lending

A recent report by the UK charity Nesta and Cambridge University shows that more than 90% of investors’ (and donors’) resources have been committed to debt crowdfunding projects in the UK in 2014.

While equity crowdfunding projects generate a lot of news, their actual share of committed resources is currently only around 5% with the bulk of investors’ interest going to much less risky projects in consumer and – predominantly – business lending.

Overall, the alternative finance market, which includes all above mentioned categories, has grown above 160% from 2013 to 2014 in the UK.  Equity crowdfunding is expected to gain market share, given that this category has expanded the most: 400% compared to 250% for P2P business lending and a somewhat more modest 100% for P2P consumer lending.  Interestingly, also rewards based crowdfunding (small in overall size) is still growing strongly with 200%, even though it is the oldest category, built on the success of Kickstarter, the US crowdfunding pioneer.



The Global Crowdlending Directory

Which are the world’s leading crowdlending platforms open to investors? Which platform promises the highest returns and accept investors from the UK (or Spain or Germany, or Zambia if you like)?  Which platforms focus on small business borrowers in Spain (or the UK, or the US, or India for that matter)?  A google search will bring some answers.  The most comprehensive and reliable answers, to these questions, however, are being provided by Lending SI’s Global Crowdlending Directory!

Lending Services & Investments (short Lending SI [“SI” for Services & Investments” but also short for the Spanish “si” = “yes”] is not only providing services and investment capital to crowdfunding platforms but is also committed to making the insights gained through its own investment experience available to individuals and institutions worldwide, who are interested in the emerging new asset class of individual and small business loans opened for direct investment through marketplace lending platforms.

Borrowers and investors share some requirements when looking for the best platform to do business with: Both want an easy-to-navigate site, a company that will be in business for the long-run and excellent customer service, provided through a low-cost business model.  However, borrowers and investors have quite distinctive interests regarding the amount of interest to be paid or earned, respectively.  This is why our Crowdlending Directory Is split in two main parts: An investors’ view and a borrowers’ view.  One and the same platform may rank quite differently on these two views, thus allowing each visitor of Lending SI find exactly the right platform to do business with.

Enjoy checking out exciting new debt crowdfunding platforms you may have not had heard of so far or keep updated with the development of your preferred outfit! Do come back regularly as the industry is changing rapidly and new players are emerging monthly.  And do give us feedback in case you spot an error or know of a new startup not yet included in our expanding Global Crowdlending Directory.


The Crowdlending Insights Blog

Over the last couple of years, a fascinating new asset class has opened up to individual investors.  So far, no consensus has been reached on how to call this emerging new industry and we will therefore use the various names interchangeably: Debt crowd funding, marketplace lending or crowd lending.  It is a global phenomenon that has started – for once – not in the US but in Europe: The UK’s platform Zopa was first to market but is now beaten in size by the two dominant US platforms Lending Club and Prosper.

Over the past three to four years, the trends has accelerated and spread across Europe with significant crowd lending platforms already operating in Germany (market leader: auxmoney), France (Pret d’Union), Spain (Comunitae) and even smaller countries like Estonia (Bondora).  More so, the industry is already global with many sites springing up all over Asia, as well as the rest of the world.

With several hundred marketplace lending platforms open to investors, guidance is needed to separate the bad from the good and spot excellence amongst the best.  This is the objective of this Crowdlending Insights Blog!

Based on a thorough understanding of the global debt crowdfunding industry, drawn not least from the world’s most comprehensive public marketplace lending database, we aim to provide international investors with the insights necessary to select crowdlending platforms offering the best return/risk profile.

Come back soon for interesting insights and crisp advice!