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Which are the world’s leading crowdlending platforms open to investors? Which platform promises the highest returns and accept investors from the UK (or Spain or Germany, or Zambia if you like)?  Which platforms focus on small business borrowers in Spain (or the UK, or the US, or India for that matter)?  A google search will bring some answers.  The most comprehensive and reliable answers, to these questions, however, are being provided by Lending SI’s Global Crowdlending Directory!

Lending Services & Investments (short Lending SI [“SI” for Services & Investments” but also short for the Spanish “si” = “yes”] is not only providing services and investment capital to crowdfunding platforms but is also committed to making the insights gained through its own investment experience available to individuals and institutions worldwide, who are interested in the emerging new asset class of individual and small business loans opened for direct investment through marketplace lending platforms.

Borrowers and investors share some requirements when looking for the best platform to do business with: Both want an easy-to-navigate site, a company that will be in business for the long-run and excellent customer service, provided through a low-cost business model.  However, borrowers and investors have quite distinctive interests regarding the amount of interest to be paid or earned, respectively.  This is why our Crowdlending Directory Is split in two main parts: An investors’ view and a borrowers’ view.  One and the same platform may rank quite differently on these two views, thus allowing each visitor of Lending SI find exactly the right platform to do business with.

Enjoy checking out exciting new debt crowdfunding platforms you may have not had heard of so far or keep updated with the development of your preferred outfit! Do come back regularly as the industry is changing rapidly and new players are emerging monthly.  And do give us feedback in case you spot an error or know of a new startup not yet included in our expanding Global Crowdlending Directory.


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