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Over the last couple of years, a fascinating new asset class has opened up to individual investors.  So far, no consensus has been reached on how to call this emerging new industry and we will therefore use the various names interchangeably: Debt crowd funding, marketplace lending or crowd lending.  It is a global phenomenon that has started – for once – not in the US but in Europe: The UK’s platform Zopa was first to market but is now beaten in size by the two dominant US platforms Lending Club and Prosper.

Over the past three to four years, the trends has accelerated and spread across Europe with significant crowd lending platforms already operating in Germany (market leader: auxmoney), France (Pret d’Union), Spain (Comunitae) and even smaller countries like Estonia (Bondora).  More so, the industry is already global with many sites springing up all over Asia, as well as the rest of the world.

With several hundred marketplace lending platforms open to investors, guidance is needed to separate the bad from the good and spot excellence amongst the best.  This is the objective of this Crowdlending Insights Blog!

Based on a thorough understanding of the global debt crowdfunding industry, drawn not least from the world’s most comprehensive public marketplace lending database, we aim to provide international investors with the insights necessary to select crowdlending platforms offering the best return/risk profile.

Come back soon for interesting insights and crisp advice!


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